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Elite love it, high-end business speakers pro experience!

Many times, in today's fast-paced life, people always want to relax at home. And music is the best way to relax. So for some elites, only focus on creating high-end quality and brand of speakers to enter their discernment. High-quality Southwest birch wood solid wood material, while the corner of the polished polished and the front panel of the black matte paint process and bright silver border of the cotton yarn dust cover makes the appearance of the speaker has a luxury sense of luxury. And not just the appearance, it's all the beats by dre studio clever design also reflects the Edifier speaker is really for the listener service. For example, it uses a wood panel that can effectively reduce the resonance to bring better sound quality, the higher permeability of the gauze dust cover and the better transmission of the sound field of the trapezoidal structure. In the eyes of the elite, light how luxurious appearance, the real quality of the embodiment or depends on the hardware strength. And in this Edifier speaker dust cover under the two speaker unit is reflected in its powerful strength of the key. In particular, the treble part, the new flat diaphragm tweeter unit compared to the previous traditional unit for the sound resolution and sensitivity of the higher, and the low distortion, the details of the sound performance richer.

The lower part of the bass uses a 5.5-inch diameter aluminum diaphragm aluminum frame speaker. The diaphragm is made of metal aluminum as the main carrier, the edge of the use of the rubber fold method, you can more to absorb the sound vibration generated by the reverse kinetic energy so that the low-frequency sound transient and sound texture to be further strengthened. And a multimedia speaker how best to show its perfect sound performance? It is only in the personal experience of a video feast when you can experience the kind of sound field is very close, very good spot live live shock, like intoxicated and exposure to the first row in the scene. Whether it is purely vocal or deep bass, whether it is pure music piano or a sense of combat full of tracks. Can hear from this speaker sound full of transparency, the perfect control of the dynamic and low frequency of the ultimate play. The back of the main box has a rich interface. The right side belongs to the signal input area from top to bottom are two sets of analog signal input, respectively marked "AUX and PC", while the bottom is to support fiber and coaxial input interface, the bottom is connected to the main box and vice box 5PIN card agricultural line interface. So that in addition to the TV you can also connect with beats headphones on sale the computer or other devices, a wide range of applicability. In the control area of ??the sound system, from top to bottom are three sets of volume adjustment / input switching, treble adjustment and bass adjustment knob. The following two knobs also have a precise 50-level adjustment scale instructions, and adjust up a clear sense of paragraph Of course, for beats earbuds comfort and practical considerations, this Edifier speaker is equipped with a powerful avant-garde remote control, classic pure black panel, rich functional partition, the other remote control also beats by dre preset the vocal mode , Listening mode, classical mode and dynamic mode 4 kinds of sound mode keys, so you have a set of top four sets of distinguished experience.