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Do you know HIFI, you know the secrets of dynamic headphones?

Is the headset a good thing? I believe no one knows this year. In simple terms, each pair of headphones consists of a pair of conversion units that accepts the electrical signals emitted by the media player and converts the signals into a sonic wave that can be heard using a speaker unit that is close to the ear. With the prevalence of portable digital products, headsets are increasingly used on radios, walkmans, handheld game consoles, and now smart beats headphones cheap phones. Of course, they can also be used in desktop players, computers, and Hi-Fi stereos. Why use headphones? Naturally, it is possible to listen to music alone without affecting other people. At the same time, the specially designed headphones can also separate the sounds of the surrounding environment, such as in-ear headphones and closed monitor headphones. Recording studios, DJs, trips, sports, etc. beats by dre studio are useful for people who use in a noisy environment. However, what is the difference between this headset and the headset? What are the meanings of those unit technologies such as moving coils, moving irons, coils, and static electricity? What does the different material technology represent? Do you all know this? What is a dynamic headset? Most earphone earbuds that can be seen on the market today are headphones that use dynamic technology. Its structure is similar to the speakers of the speaker. The wound cylindrical coil in the permanent magnet field is connected with the diaphragm. The coil drives the diaphragm to sound under the driving of the signal current.

The difference between the moving coil unit and the general speaker is that the diaphragm is different. The diaphragm edge of the speaker speaker is generally fixed on the elastic medium (such as a large-diameter woofer). The membrane is generally flat and conical, and the elastic medium provides the force of the vibration system. In the moving coil earphone, the edge of the diaphragm is directly fixed on the frame of the drive unit. The diaphragm has wrinkles, and the vibration system has complete force. The stretching and contraction of the material of the diaphragm itself and the deformation of the wrinkle are provided, so that the material selection and the shape design of the diaphragm of the dynamic headphone drive unit have a great influence on the final vocal quality of the unit and are also very delicate. What is the sound performance of dynamic headphones? Traditional dynamic headphones sound very comprehensive, often a unit can have a wide range of frequency response, and because of beats by dre the larger size, so the sound performance is more relaxed, natural and full, low-volume sense of plenty, but a little carelessness will be easy Affects the clarity and detail of the sound. Although the technology of moving coil drive units is now very mature, there will be no major structural changes. However, the development of higher magnetic density permanent magnets, or the development of more ideal diaphragm materials and diaphragm designs, can still bring significant sound enhancement. And generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the drive unit, the better the overall performance of the headset, but the application of the material and the design of the structure is also more difficult. The difference between these diaphragms, you understand? The speakers of general dynamic earphones are made of ordinary plastic diaphragms, so the traditional dynamic earphones generally give people the impression that the details are blurred, the transient response is slow, and the resolution is insufficient. Metal diaphragms, such as aluminum diaphragms, diaphragm diaphragms, titanium diaphragms, etc., are characterized by fast heat conduction, high elasticity, and good moisture resistance. The disadvantage is that the damping is small and the peaks and valleys of the frequency response curve increase, making the trailing edge. The transient effect deteriorates. If you dont tune properly, you may find it harder to sound. The wood diaphragm is made by cutting logs into 80m thick sheets and then softening and stamping - repeatedly fixing and forming. The original characteristics such as easy cracking, deformation, and insufficient toughness of the wood are avoided, and the service life is improved, but the thickness is relatively high and the resolving power is relatively low. The carbon nano-diaphragm, after verification, does have some very excellent properties. It is characterized by a mid-frequency rigidity and low-frequency flexibility, but the disadvantage is that high-frequency details are not very bright. The liquid crystal polymer diaphragm is a liquid crystal polymer material molded in a mold. According to Sonys official statement, the liquid crystal polymer beats earbuds film diaphragm is hard and sensitive, providing the hardness and internal loss required for restoring balance and high-accuracy mid- and high-frequency sound quality, achieving high-definition mid-range and treble effects, and more specific details. It is not known.