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Do you ever wear earphones with smartphones to damage your hearing?

Today, smart phones have become our necessities of life. Office, bus, subway, countless people wearing headphones, brush news, watch video, listen to music or play beats headphones on sale games, all this looks "taken for granted." As if the phone and headphones have become an important thing for people. But when we are immersed in wonderful songs and wonderful videos, we forget that something is slowly eroding us. For example, wearing a headset for a long time will have damage to hearing it? The answer is given later. According to Zhuo think the expert expert interpretation: in the first stage of hearing, cochlea is the most important. The cochlea is an auditory transduction organ that is responsible for converting the sound from the middle ear into the corresponding electrical signal and sending it to the central auditory system of the brain for treatment. In the cochlea, there is a special cell called hair cells, which is responsible for the sound. However, hair cells can not be regenerated, every day, our hair cells are slowly reduced, this loss is irreversible, which is why most of the elderly ears do not make the reasons. And, the most terrible point is that, due to the strong ability of the brain to compensate, progressive hearing damage in the subjective completely did not feel, unless the damage has been very serious, or damage is very sudden. Therefore, when hearing loss becomes unavoidable, long-term wearing headphones will certainly speed up this loss. For cheap beats by dre example, a patient can still live for 30 days, but he does not listen to the doctor advise, insist on alcohol, smoking, etc., no doubt this will make his days shortened to 10 days or 3 days. In the use of headphones in the process, there are two factors is very important: First, the volume size, the second is the use cheap beats by dre of time. If you listen to music 1-2 hours a day, every 20 minutes to rest, the volume to normal, the use of comfortable headphones and not too much use of high-frequency sound, then this will not hurt a lot of hearing. However, the above conditions are difficult to fully meet. First, the volume problem. Some people listen to songs, like the volume to the maximum, how high can be high. If you use the general headphones, no noise and noise reduction function, in order to get a better sound, people will generally open the volume is high enough to cover the external environment noise.

But for the ears, it is taboo. Therefore, if both want to listen to songs on the road, do not want to premature loss of hearing, then I recommend the ear noise noise headphones. Once you have an external sound, you do not have beats earbuds to turn the volume up to the maximum. Or, in the dead of night, to listen to their own music, the volume transferred to the maximum, has been transferred to the feeling of noisy so far, this is your volume ceiling. Finally, the author made a few suggestions, so that people better care for their own hearing. 1. Do not dig ear feces. In fact, ear feces sometimes play a role in protecting hearing. At the same time, once accumulated too much, it will be transferred out. 2. to avoid foreign body or water into the ears 3. upper respiratory tract infection attention to listening to 4. with ear plugs to listen to music volume transferred to 5/10 under the ear ear 4/10, the longest no more than 1 hour.