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Do not let headphones "steal" your hearing

Nowadays many people like to listen to music or learn with headphones, so as to reduce the impact on the outside world, but if we use them for a long time, our hearing will be affected. Therefore, we should learn to use them correctly. Do not let Headphones "steal" your hearing.

1. wear headphones to master the "60 Principles": often wear headphones, especially those with built-in headphones, should master the 60-60-60 principle, which is internationally recognized as a method of hearing protection, that is, listening to music, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, continuous listening time should not exceed 60 minutes, the best outside sound does not exceed 60 dB.

2. Select headphones: Headphones are usually divided into head-mounted, ear-hung and in-ear three types, of which the ear is the earliest damage cheap beats by dre to the headset. In contrast, long-term use of in-ear headphones in noisy environments may cause hearing loss.

3. Try not to use headphones to listen to music in noisy environment, in the subway, bus, to listen to the content will involuntarily increase the volume. Especially in the subway, itself is a relatively closed environment, and then put on the headphones firmly pressed on the ear, the hair damage can be imagined. Listening to music, do cheap beats by dre not over-pursue the sound quality, the low-frequency sound loudly; listen to music indoors should reduce the wear headphones.

4 people who often listen to music should pay attention to their own hearing, when there is tinnitus, ear boredom, dizziness, loss of concentration and so on, should arouse our vigilance. Once hearing loss is found, consult a doctor immediately.

5. All in all, modern people often wear headphones to listen to radio, listen to music, watch videos and so on. There is indeed a positive effect of enhancing study, relaxation and mood-building. However, it is not appropriate to listen to music in an external speaker in public. In our life may occupy a very important role, but it also damages our hearing can not be ignored. Pay attention to the use of headphones occasions, the proper use of reasonable, appropriate volume, etc., for the prevention beats by dre sale of noise deafness, protection of hearing is essential, I hope everyone can be valued, beats by dre wireless physically, especially love fashion and like listening to music in the subway, watching movies Young friends should pay more attention to their own listening and put an end to "stealing and listening".

Therefore, we must correctly use the headset, do not let the headset "steal" your hearing, and if you are listening to headphones when crossing the street or walking is also very dangerous, it is prone to some accidents, so we usually have to pay attention.