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Do not complain about the old equipment, you can not hear the music beauty may be because of your own

The daily use of the process you listen to the whole song, not to repeat that a few seconds back and forth, the content of the limitations of the content is doomed to a comprehensive conclusion, maybe a few seconds can make you disappointed or stunning you, but this does not mean Equipment, a comprehensive performance, even if they are familiar with the music proposal is to be continuous and complete to listen to, but it is clear that if you take a specific piece of the test to be sure that this is so bad, it is not difficult to see why so many people say Today, listening to a system, it is difficult to listen to, to judge, then the words really can not believe the letter. The strength of the equipment or the need to rely on the overall control can be reflected, which is a lot of people on the equipment of an ear and long-term evaluation of listening and hearing out of the reasons, quietly come to a quiet place to listen carefully, I believe everyone Will have a better understanding of the equipment. Nonsense will, in fact, nothing to have the technical content of things, said his little feelings and suggestions, although not enough gold ear so magical, but by these two points is enough for me to build a rough basis for listening , Enough to hear the difference between the equipment and different, to distinguish what types of music for the type, do not rely on evaluation of their own equipment to get a sense.

From my current exposure to the old burning point of view, many old burns are not only in the equipment is very research, but also on the music itself is also a study, of course, this is not necessary, there will be no immediate effect, but suggested that time and The conditions can learn a school, no matter what musical instruments, entertain themselves, do not need a high level, you can improve the quality of music, cultivate sentiment, more importantly, you can make your ears more familiar with the sound of real instruments, before a Burning friends, and I communicate when the performance of a box of small talk about eloquence, what the smell of sandy smell of what I caught into the infinite Xia Xiang, although the non-friends, but often contact with the instrument is still easier to distinguish equipment The difference between them, even if they are not very familiar with some of the terms of the hifi can not be described professionally. In other words, listening to music and personal music between the promotion can promote each other, many people do not know why the old burning a lot like to listen to classical, it was summed up as a forced grid, I personally feel that the classical can reflect the performance of the equipment , More importantly, with the improvement of music literacy, for the appreciation of classical music needs, when you have the ability to distinguish some of the interpretation of the level of high marks and bad things you are not willing to listen to.

Of course not to say that classical music than other noble, the music of the various schools are not high and low distinctions, have their own essence, like fiction and pure literary works, but at present because the composer's musical attainments are higher with the band Are well-trained, most of the record company recording and very particular about, so just from the professional level of music on the classical as a whole better, of course, is undoubtedly the popular metal and other music also has a lot of works, whether it is a level of interpretation or recording are very high quality.

To sum up what is free to listen to the concert, to understand the equipment directly to the ear because of the color, improve the quality of music, but also more understanding of the real voice, beats headphones cheap will subtle influence on your understanding of the equipment, most people are to listen Equipment and listen to equipment, but playing equipment to play away from the original intention of listening to music is not good!