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Cool cool music equipment, let you enjoy the wonderful music world!

As a part of our lives, music can not only bring happiness to us, but also relax our mood while we are busy and tense. Good music must be accompanied by good equipment Caixing, music enthusiasts, beats by dre studio nothing is more important than music, there is nothing more than music to give them a sense of security. Of course, listening to music will be persistent high-fidelity music. Cool cool music equipment, let you enjoy the wonderful music world! With the development of science and technology, the devices that people choose to listen to songs are not short changes, cheap beats by dre but with the advent of the smart phone era, listening to music through mobile phones has become the first choice of people. With the increasingly intense market competition, more and more mobile phone manufacturers in order to be competitive in their own products, in more and more functions have been moving in a more professional direction, such as music phones Even so, if you want a Have good sound quality phone, may wish to choose to see Xiaobian's recommendation! Mobile phones have become people watching video, listening to music, essential portable device, resulting in some quiet headset circle has begun to rise waves. As we all know, the same music, different headphones, listening sounds simply different. So, in addition to good quality player, a good headset is really necessary oh ~

Has a cool appearance and melodies, bringing aesthetic experience, make music more freedom! Using a large size 11mm moving coil unit, and micron-level composite diaphragm. More emphasis on bass performance, Hip-Pop drums of music is very obvious, a kind of direct impact inside the surging momentum. High-frequency voice also has a good degree of separation, structured, rich texture. Unique design with a large nano-coated diaphragm headphone speakers, a reasonable cavity structure, compact metal, beats earphones restore the natural and not distorted sound, solid fairy tales and audio control features, a multi-purpose machine, with no sense of ear wear design Even if you go to exercise it is not easy to fall. Cool pull the hook to carry storage, you can beats by dr dre make the headset hook around the neck, access or placement becomes very easy. Wrap-free fabric headphone cable to keep you smart and tidy at all times. Built-in microphone and remote control let you call no longer need to hold, answer the phone, control the music click to get.