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Come! The best Bluetooth speaker

Dear you, please do not treat yourself, give your beats by dre sale car and your best Bluetooth speakers, feel the charm of music. Listening to songs with Bluetooth is what kind of experience? beats earbuds A group of people Hi to not, tired to lie down but also quietly enjoy next to the speaker, with the music you a, I sing, this is probably the charm of Bluetooth speakers, and although love songs, but direct mobile phones, computers Put or plug in the headset to start listening, feeling Bluetooth speakers listen to music is very tasteless, but since the friend's home accidentally heard her use the Bluetooth speaker to sing, I think before the really rough, and immediately ordered two Bluetooth beats by dr dre speakers to listen to songs. Bluetooth speaker not only enhance the quality of music, it is important that it can effectively protect your ears, always give you a feast of hearing. Personally think that the advantages of Bluetooth speakers outweigh the disadvantages, and now the Bluetooth speakers do small and delicate, all prices have, but as a starting point, you do not have to select too expensive speakers. Second, we must choose a strong battery life, go out, then do not always have to charge a good comment, and, as far as possible to choose better anti-drop waterproof seismic performance, going out will inevitably bump, while others like to bring Bluetooth speakers to ride, riding on the road to listen to dynamic music is very energetic, the same anti-drop shock performance can not be less.

Features: Exclusive private mold development, all-aluminum shell speaker, high-power 3W * 2 dual diaphragm independent body sound, support for playing MP3 music, AUX audio input, 4.1 Bluetooth connection, fully compatible (cell phone, tablet, PC) with Bluetooth Features of the device, built-in 3.7V2000MAH rechargeable lithium battery, long life, as the aircraft engine-like ears, restore the live sound ...