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Close your eyes and feel the charm of your headphones

Headphones, because it is too close to their own, so be ignored, the headset is such a product, now life, everywhere you can see the headphones figure, at home, in the beats by dre studio outdoors, all kinds of English listening test, etc., are indispensable headset. Headphones from the invention to the present, but also with the progress of people's technology in the continuous development of the. With the development of time, headset products from the earliest two small speakers hanging in the ear has gradually matured. Whether it is the type of headphones or wear patterns, and even to the core of the pronunciation unit, have a lot of changes. Modern people can not be separated from headphones, like plugging headphones to listen to music, like no matter how subway, do bus, spare time with headphones. Headphones become a necessity, so learn to choose their own headphones. First let us briefly understand our ears, which consists of the outer ear, middle ear, inner ear three parts, the outer ear to accept the outside sound, and along the ear canal caused by tympanic shock, the central tympanic membrane vibration caused by the bone, stapes and anvil Bone three small bone vibration, the sound spread to the inner ear, acoustic waves to promote the flow of the inner ear lymph nodes, stimulate the hair cells to produce nerve impulses, and then through the auditory nerve to the brain to listen to the center, so I heard the sound. Long time to listen to headphones, sound pressure directly into the ear, concentrated to the very thin tympanic membrane, there is no room for the buffer, so to stimulate the hearing of the nerve tip, stimulating impulse caused by abnormal auditory nerve excitement, very likely to cause hearing fatigue The But also cause some systemic adverse effects, the main symptoms of tinnitus, mild hearing loss, heavy hearing and ear a little bit of pain, there have beats headphones been deafening cases; some students will appear dizzy brain up, attention is not easy Concentration, thinking and response to the sensitivity and memory loss, but also become irritable, lack of patience. So it must not be able to choose beats solo poor quality of the headset, or not only did not enjoy, but will affect the body.

Wire is the use of 1.2 m TPE anti-winding wire, TPE is a rubber with high elasticity, high strength, high resilience, but also has the characteristics of injection molding materials. With environmentally friendly non-toxic safety, a wide range of hardness, the use of TPE can greatly reduce the trouble of wire winding. 3.5MM gold-plated anti-oxidation plug, compatible with a variety of audio equipment, universal jack, eliminating the need to choose the trouble. A variety of colorful headphones any choice, in line with the trend. Listening to beats earbuds music is to enjoy, but do not give excessive pressure on the ears, and listen to some time must give enough time to rest Oh