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Cautious hand-cut noise in front of the headset for whom to use?

The current active noise-canceling headphones, mostly head-mounted design, mainly due to the principle of noise-canceling headphones need a microphone to collect low-frequency signals, and then by an additional unit to reverse the signal, in order to offset the external low-frequency noise . Currently only a small number of brands have the ability to develop and introduce noise-canceling headphone products. At the moment we do not know whether to buy noise-canceling headphones, the author first came to some of these personal experience to answer these questions: Noise-canceling headphones so expensive, really worth it? It is worth to those who need it. So who will need? The author believes that for long-haul travel or frequent travel, noise-canceling headphones are very useful and can be said that one can improve the quality of life. So earliest, the purchase of noise-canceling headphones are often beats headphones on sale need to take the flight of business people. Just two years, noise-canceling headphones gradually increased, so many people concerned about these products. But what you need to know is that noise-canceling headphones are designed for functionality, and most of the sound quality is not based on HIFI. So please do not take the noise reduction headphones and the same price music headphones to make contrast. So, if you do not have the travel, travel needs, or to see the sound quality, then noise canceling headphones is obviously not what you need to consider.

Wear noise-canceling headphones on the road is not safe? In fact, this issue is the same set into the ear earplugs, I think the personal safety awareness is more important, if you like to go to work not follow the traffic instructions, or go to work on the road often have some bike, then it beats earbuds is possible noise-canceling headphones will make you Ignoring some of the details of the sound caused by accident. However, if you can pay attention to traffic conditions under the left and right, in fact, does not bring too much of a problem, maybe the first time you use beats solo a noise-canceling headphone that brought a bit unrealistic quiet will bring you some do not A sense of security, but after adaptation will be much better.