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Car sound what price is much higher than the home audio?

Many car owners of the price of car audio questioned that the price of car audio than the price of home audio difference is too far in the face beats headphones cheap of the market on a wide range of car audio brand, the brand between the various models of the price difference is also great, whether to borrow The market opaque to earn profits? Expert Detailed: car audio What price is much higher than the home audio? The reason why the price of car audio is higher than the home audio, beats earphones the main reason is because the use of car audio environment than the use of home audio environment is much worse. The limited space of the interior space, the diffraction of the sound waves, the high temperature, the exhaust gas, the dust and the vibration all require the car to have the inherent superior quality to resist the environmental problems so that the car audio can work normally under different circumstances. The volume of car audio is smaller due to the limitation of the area of ??the car dashboard. European models according to DIN standard (length) 183 (high) 50 (deep) 153 (mm). Japanese car multi-purpose 2-DIN double-layer form, the size is (length) 180 (high) 100 (deep) 153 (mm). In a limited volume, the car audio and more use of high-density patch-type components, the use of multi-layer three-dimensional assembly structure, in the technical design requirements are high, the cost also increases. Anti-vibration vehicles traveling on different levels of the road, so that car audio is often subject to vibration and shock, so the car audio must be in the structure to have seismic performance. So the car tape playback part of the use of horizontal placement, up and down to ensure a stable sound playback. CD part of the use of multi-stage shock absorption measures (tension spring, damping balloon, electronic shock system ESP, etc.). Component welding assembly requirements are absolutely strong, the individual components need to use strong glue fixed. Temperature difference between the car sound to withstand a strong temperature changes in the sun under the instrument panel temperature up to 70 -120 , cold areas can reach minus 30 - minus 40 , while the household components to withstand the temperature difference as long as Minus 5 -80 , so the level of requirements for automotive components is very high. Anti-moisture car audio to prevent moisture also took measures to generally spray the surface of the components to protect the line.

Anti-interference ability

As the car engine ignition devices and a variety of automotive electrical appliances are sharing a battery, beats earbuds which will pass the power line and other lines on the sound interference. Car audio anti-jamming technology on the power line interference, respectively, using choke coil in the power supply and sound between the filter, the use of metal radiation interference shielded metal enclosure, and in the audio specifically installed anti-jamming integrated circuit, with To reduce the external noise interference.

The radio section has a high sensitivity and a high dynamic range

(Such as high-rise buildings, bridges, wire mesh, etc.), to ensure that the radio is normal, it requires the radio part of the sensitivity, selectivity, signal to noise ratio have a higher Performance, AGC (automatic gain control) and AFC (automatic frequency control) requirements are also high, while the use beats by dre studio of digital synthesis tuner to ensure that the radio part of the sensitivity, enhance the stability of seismic and tuning.

Other special features

Car audio and many home audio does not have the function, such as: voice control, no need to speak by hand to speak to complete the operation. Steering wheel button control, in the steering wheel can be installed to control the sound of various working conditions of the button, while steering the steering wheel can also control the operation of the sound. Sound system, the GPS system can provide instructions for the next step; volume automatic gain function, according to the speed of air pressure on the human eardrum pressure changes, the volume potential with the automatic increase or decrease, so that passengers feel the volume without any changes; dynamic Road noise control (DRC) function, because the wind, engine noise and other noise will make the details of the music difficult to capture, DRC can automatically enhance the bass and treble, or can increase the soft section to overcome this problem.

Restrictions on market ownership

Relative to the home audio, the car audio market share is much smaller. Models and more, small quantities, so R & D costs and mold costs also will rise. According to the characteristics of car audio, the complexity of the circuit, the particularity of the material used, it is not difficult to find out why the car sound than the reasons for the sound of your home.