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Burning headphones, closing headphones, headphones ... these also have tips!

In modern life, wearing headphones has become a new companion lifestyle, listen to songs everywhere beats earbuds can not do without the video. Can not just buy headphones for beats by dre on sale somehow not easy to use what is the ghost, headset "short-lived" What is the reason? How to extend the life of the headset? Quality is not bad headphones, did not fall into the water, but always inexplicable bad use. If the pro headphones often appear this situation, it may be in the following few strokes! Burning machine is the earliest use of a new important part of the headset, the official use of the need for a new headset to work continuously for some time to achieve the best performance of headphones, the best sound quality. Parents do not deliberately burn the headset, you beats by dre sale can listen to radio radio to burn. I heard transferred to the next figure this frequency, burning headphones better! Earphone storage tips To remove the headset from the audio source, pinch the plug together to pull out, must not pull the headset line. Try to adopt the correct method of winding the earphone storage, to prevent the headset line knot, you can also use the reel and other gadgets.

Tips to maintain the headset have a coup In the headset to do cleaning, small partners should choose a small brush and other cleaning tools to guide the earwax removal, you can also use the soft bristle toothbrush, and then gently cheap beats by dr dre wipe with a handkerchief scarf can not be used hard Cleaning tool. When the headset is idle, the partner should keep the headset in a clean, dry place. At the same time try to avoid overheating or too low temperature use headphones. Look closely, these bad habits of using headphones, Lao Guo seems to have committed, quickly find the correct use and maintenance of the headset, the parents quickly learn ~