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Bluetooth stereo, ready to listen to the wonderful music

Bluetooth speaker has been its practicality, get a lot of people pro-gaze. Listening to music on this trivial matter, beats by dre for the music of people, ordinary headphones, mobile phones already can not meet your needs for sound quality, maybe portable Bluetooth audio is your blessing! Small body has great energy, with its large volume characteristics, just a single song can be active in a party to ease a boring afternoon. Listen to the good music at any time, are you ready? A portable audio, to help you get everything! Not only listen to the music inside the ear, but also to listen to the heart, built-in beats headphones cheap dual speakers, stereo surround sound enjoy release, so your music from different. Rounded egg-shaped design, not only let appearance farewell to the traditional stereotypes stereophony, but also through KEF unique music unit to bring extraordinary sound quality. beats solo Bluetooth audio frame still continues the metal wind, the middle has joined the LED cheap beats by dre LCD screen design, but also made a mirror surface treatment, this way, both to show time, but also can be used as a mirror, clear and bright, try a , Can be a good reflection of objects oh!

The use of high-definition noise reduction technology, clear and thorough sound quality, and support for a key to answer the phone's ability to make calls more convenient. Shape made of aluminum alloy metal, the base is made of PVC material, with a comfortable feel, but also highlights the exquisite luxury. Supports one-click answer, hands-free calling function, built-in noise cancellation technology can effectively ensure call is clear, no noise and echo. Efficient and stable Bluetooth wireless connectivity, strong anti-interference, whether indoor or outdoor, we can enjoy the wireless music player experience.