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Basic knowledge of wireless headsets

Headphones have become a must-have for young people. What do we need to know when buying headphones? Here I will introduce the necessary knowledge for us to buy headphones.

Type of earphone

The type of earphone can be divided into different types according to different methods. First, according to cheap beats the mode of energy conversion can be divided into: moving coil type, electrostatic type and equal magnetic type; by structure points: open, semi-open and closed; according to the form of wear: head wear, ear style and ear style.

Frequency range of headphones

The earphone can release the frequency bandwidth as the frequency response range, the human ear hearing range is 20Hz-20000Hz, and the excellent earphone frequency response width is as high as 40000Hz. Use 1/2 below the average output amplitude as a standard or use 1/4 as a standard. Their standards for defining the frequency response width are obviously different. General manufacturers use -3dB as a standard, and of course some products are based on -10dB. Therefore, different brands of headset testing standards may not be the same.

Headphone impedance

The impedance of the earphone is the abbreviation of its AC impedance. In order to match the earphone jack on a professional machine, its size reaches more than 200 of the DC beats by dre sale resistance of the coil. cheap beats by dre On large machines (desktops, VCDs, DVDs, TVs), mid-high impedance headphones are generally used. If you must use low-resistance headphones, first set the volume to the lowest and then plug it in, otherwise it is easy to burn out the headphones or distorted voice coil distortion into a broken sound. Micro-machines generally use low-impedance headphones, but also pay attention to the sensitivity, the sensitivity of the micro-computer is very important.

Headphone sensitivity

As mentioned earlier, the sensitivity of the headset to the microcomputer is important. Now, let's take a look at the sensitivity of the headset. The sensitivity of the earphone refers to the amount of power that needs to be input in the same loudness case, and the higher the sensitivity, the lower the power beats earphones required.