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Audio and video cable wiring practical skills

In the home theater wiring that only video cable, speaker line decoration need to consider, the audio line (because the audio equipment and power amplifier can be placed in the same position, so the audio line is very short) do not need to consider. If you only use TV or plasma, LCD TV as a display device, video cable is not too need to consider. But the home projector with a large screen, strong sense of presence and other display devices that do not have the advantage of the future certainly have great development, we can not just consider the decoration, decoration at least ten years to use it, within ten years It is estimated that two or three years home projector must enter a lot of families. Connect one end of the video cable to the DVD player or HTPC and the other end to the projector. The location of the DVD player is generally fixed, usually in the middle of the front of the audio-visual room, the projector has three positions: 1 the projector hanging in the rear of the audiovisual room ceiling, the use of proprietary projector hanger, its position up and down 2, if the audiovisual room just a row of cabinets, the projector can be considered in the cabinet or cabinet; 3 projector on the projector, the projector can be moved, placed in front of the person's position. In either case, the safety wire manufacturers are advised to connect the video cable from the ground or the ceiling from the front of the front to the rear of the appropriate location, because the two video lines: color lines and DVI lines are very thick, ugly. Color lines and DVI lines are too thick, can not wear pipe, can cheap beats headphones only use the trunking, floor tiles to consider the height of the wall. Color line and DVI cable are beats headphones cheap not the corresponding socket, beats headphones cheap after the wall marked with the box, leaving a length of one meter for direct connection to the DVD player or projector can be. There is no suitable panel can use the whiteboard, so that decoration workers can make a hole in the above. Color line and DVI cable quality are critical, such wire due to load large signal, the wire quality requirements are high, generally also more expensive.

Second, the speaker line wiring points Speaker line can be woven into 5.1 channel way, if the audio-visual room is large enough, later wanted to more professional equipment, can also be made into 7.1-channel way, but 5.1-channel surround sound effect is very good , In fact, do not have too much in this effect to pursue, more important is the sound quality and quality. One end of the speaker cable connected to the amplifier, one end connected speakers, 5.1-channel connection program as shown below, the bass because of bass without direction, generally placed next to the amplifier, the bass box line will not cloth. If you use the 200-core copper wire, the speaker line can be worn in the PVC pipe, in the wall position on the end of the box box, the panel can use the whiteboard (or on the whiteboard hole can be), speaker line out Wall also set aside one meter long, cheap beats by dr dre for direct connection amplifier and speakers. Install the surround speakers at a height of 60 to 90 cm above the listener. The height of the front speaker should be the same as that of the sitting ear, which is about 60-90 cm higher than the human ear.