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Audio and amplifier, how is the best match?

The first is to match the power. In theory, the speaker rated power equal to the rated output power amplifier to work properly. In conditions of circumstances, beats by dr dre prefer to pull the car, do not let the small horse does not move, so the speaker can not get enough power to promote beats earbuds beats by dre studio the entire sound system can not play the best sound effects, you can make the amplifier rated output power More than 2 times more than the speaker power. Second, impedance matching. Amplifier output and speaker input impedance should be the same.

Slight deviation between the two will not have a significant impact on the sound quality, only the power output of the amplifier effect. However, when the input beats earbuds impedance of the speaker is lower than the output impedance of the amplifier, the distortion will be obviously increased, and even the amplifier will be damaged in severe cases. Therefore, it is best to try to be consistent between the two. Finally, the damping coefficients match. Damping coefficient is too high, the speaker out of the sound on the dry hair, not rounded; the other hand, it is easy to feel the sound stick together. Therefore, when doing PA configuration, pay attention to the stone damping coefficient control in 30 to 40, and the internal resistance of the amplifier itself is high, other components together as much as possible to control the damping coefficient within 10.