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Also quiet space for these noise-reduction earplugs suitable for taking the phone

Commuting by commute, dry in the car is too boring, so many people choose to use mobile phones to listen to songs to watch video, send these fragments of time. However, we have to face the problem that the environmental noise inside the train, the roar of the subway across the tunnel, the low frequency sound of the car engine, and the sound of people's conversation all surround you, making you unable to hear beats headphones on sale the headphones. sound. Under such circumstances, it is easy for people to increase the volume habitually and cover the environmental noise with a large volume, which is very easy to hurt the hearing. If you listen to the car in the quiet volume of the night to listen again, beats by dre studio you will find that volume can be large enough to surprise you. Long-term listening to the ear certainly can not stand it. The beats earbuds solution to this problem is to wear a pair of active noise-canceling headphones. The working principle of the noise-canceling headphone is to neutralize the noise by generating a sound wave beats by dr dre that is in opposition to the external noise through a noise reduction system, so as to achieve the effect of noise reduction.

Wear comfortable, comes with large, medium and small three shark fin silicone earplugs, does not produce allergies and other issues, noise reduction is easy to perform well. A key shield outside noise, flexible use. Rechargeable design, charging two hours to get 16 hours battery life. Remote control design, omni-directional microphone, no matter from that perspective, you can get satisfactory results. The ambient sound instant enhancement technology can select different levels of noise reduction for different use scenarios: if you want to sleep quietly on a noisy airplane, or you can isolate the noisy surroundings in a cafe, you can choose the level of noise reduction you need. When wearing headphones, if you need to talk to people, just open the ambient sound instantly enhancements, without removing the headset, you can clearly hear the voice of the outside world.