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Active noise reduction Bluetooth headset collection plus purchase probability

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the digital products around have more stringent requirements, from the earliest portable CD, MP3 and then smart phones are inseparable from an important partner can not be separated, that is the headset. beats by dre wireless And then derive a wide range of beats solo beats headphones on sale headphones, it can not only listen to music, but also make people call in a noisy environment out, feel a person's world. Recently Bluetooth can be described as sought after, just click on the search on Taobao, whether it is wearing a headset or ear, there are thousands or hundreds of monthly sales, we can see that people love Bluetooth headset. From the appearance of the headset is very beautiful, well-made, black piano paint, buttons concise, do not look at the instructions of the white can be easily manipulated. The volume or cut songs may be adjusted via the "+" and "-" keys on the headphones. Worn parts of the skin wrapped U leather material, lined with a very soft sponge, wearing a long time will not feel unwell. Headphone connection is made of stainless steel, not only has good elasticity, but also very strong and not easy to deformation, earmuffs can also be rotated 90 degrees. Wearing size from the smallest adjustment to the maximum, about 4 to 5 cm in length, can be completely suitable for different groups of people to wear.

Wearing a comfortable, moderate weight beats headphones on sale headphones, no sense of oppression of the ear, the skin contact with a very soft protein silk cortex, the ear package is very comfortable. Bluetooth headset built-in high-definition microphone, so you listen to music while watching the video at the same time, it will not because of the phone and confused, easy to switch the call status. On the phone alone porridge, but also to liberate their hands, no longer will not cause unnecessary embarrassment to open hands-free. Speaking of headphones, we must talk about sound quality. This headset sound quality is very delicate, high degree of reduction, low frequency high frequency tri-level balance. Pure music can make people completely immersed in the music, relax, listen to each instrument, the charm of each note. Listen to popular songs, pay more attention to the vocals, and even the singer can feel every breath can really feel the real emotions expressed by the singer, which I can not experience before using other headphones or audio. Listen to rhythmic music, as if the bass and slightly better, every rhythm sounded, as if the heart is also followed by a rhythmic beating. If the headset is connected directly to the PC, it can only be wired. So I bought a Bluetooth adapter online, adapter plug the computer to download the driver, you can connect the PC. Listen to the music to see the video perfect, but playing the game is delayed, the sound is always slow in the game, can only be done. Also bought a one minute two audio cable, so that headphones and speakers can be used together. First look beautiful, fine workmanship, easy to operate. Wear comfortable, soft texture, no sense of pressure, suitable for long time to wear. Smooth and clear sound quality, high degree of restoration, flawless, structured, surround sound is very strong, especially the vocal reduction is very delicate. Has not yet begun to burn machine, I believe after burning the sound quality will be even better.