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  • Wearing is a fashion, listening is still a pleasure

    Bluetooth headset can be said to be an essential accessory for smart phones and is deeply loved by people. At leisure, you can listen to music and cultivate your sentiment. For the safe handling of driving, Bluetooth headsets are a must for older drivers. Bluetooth headset also has the advantage of a long conversation, which is convenient and not tired! Compared with the traditional headset, the cost-effective Bluetooth headset in Dongguan can get rid of the trouble of the headset cable. Lines of wired headsets often get tangled together, and many times you need to straighten out the lines before you can use them. Bluetooth headsets can solve this problem perfectly. And Bluetooth headset can also be used in many special environments, such as driving, sports, etc., use more convenient. Has a long standby time, its function and principle are different, good sound effects and a clear voice, has become a favorite Bluetooth headset for young people.

    Compatibility is beats earbuds a problem that must be solved. Bluetooth headsets adopting the latest technologies can support Bluetooth devices in different systems such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and laptops, and do not have to worry about situations that cannot be used due to different interfaces. Its compatibility is very strong and it is supported by most devices, so it is worth choosing. There are only one button for the control function of the earphone. The button is the switch button/pause button. The button gives people a feeling of simplicity. It can beats headphones on sale be manipulated without reading the manual, and it is not cumbersome for the button design. It is easier to control. There is also a charging base so you don't have to use a Bluetooth headset when you're out. Packed with a cool charging stand, Bluetooth headset, USB charging cable, instruction manual, earplugs in total have different sizes of earplugs, you can choose to wear according to your preferences. Earplugs feel very soft and comfortable. Deeply fitting the ear canal to prevent it from falling off and it is very beats by dre comfortable to wear.

    Most Bluetooth headsets are capable of rejecting calls, song switching, volume adjustments, redialing, and one to two (one headset can connect two devices at the same time). Most of the ordinary wired headsets do not support the refusal to answer the phone function, and the song switching and volume adjustment functions can only be selected one by one. By comparison, the affordable Bluetooth Headset Bluetooth headset is more feature-rich and can meet the needs of more people. Its practicality is also very good.

    2018-03-19 10:27:33
  • Tips for reducing recording delays

    Delay can destroy the beats headphones performance of the recording, but the delay can be completely avoided or reduced. Use the following five tips to find out how to minimize or even completely eliminate delays.

    The delay caused by recording on a computer is very unpleasant, but this is no big deal! The following methods can allow you to minimize or even completely disappear. The audio buffer (Buffer) is a smaller, constantly active virtual space. This space is used by your computer to receive audio during audio reception. Then the audio is passed through the space to the software and then returned again so that you can hear the audio. In fact, this action takes only a very short timea few hundred milliseconds. But the ears of music performers are very sensitive to time, and even a delay of a few milliseconds may make the recording work difficult. Even if a quarter-second gap can make the beats headphones playing midi note and the result of the hearing trouble the recording, this trouble is enough for cheap beats by dr dre you to drink a pot.

    Setting a lower buffer size (256 samples or less) will effectively reduce latency - lower buffers will have lower latency. But this action also increases the CPU reading load on your computer, which can make the CPU need to process audio even faster. If the computer does not have the ability to keep up with the speed of processing, an error will eventually occur. If you have a powerful computer with a reliable sound card driver, adjusting the value to 128 or even 64 beats earbuds samples is a small case.

    2. Change the buffer in different situations

    This is easier to understand - smaller buffer sizes are equal to lower latency but higher CPU usage, larger buffers mean lower CPU usage and more latency. But in different occasions, the demand for the process of making music is also different. For example, when you are recording live, low delay is a must. But when you are mixing, the delay of the recording is almost irrelevant, and the larger CPU power is the king. Therefore, remember to adjust the size of your audio buffer to fit the actual work on hand.

    3. Frozen track

    Based on the previous tips, you may find yourself having to add more tracks in the production process later, and then the computer is already under heavy load and runs a very heavy project. If this is the case, use the audio tracker (DAW)'s Freeze Track feature to save the consumption of audio track resources and then switch to a lower buffer size for recording. After the recording is completed, the thawing track resumes buffering to a higher setting.

    4. With direct monitoring of some audio hardware interfaces, even some very cost-effective models, there will be direct monitoring of this option, this will be through the playback of your input (such as from a microphone or a guitar) before sending to the software, Just send the signal to your headset. This means that there is basically no delay. The disadvantage of this is that you can't hear the effects of recordings, such as reverb effects, unless your sound card comes with DSP processing effects, which can be adjusted directly in the sound card. In summary, direct monitoring is a very high-quality solution for many players and does not involve interference with buffer occupancy.

    2018-03-15 10:36:37
  • Walk less and wear headphones to be a better music producer

    When we deal with sounds, we often try to design something: "I want to get it closer to me", "This instrument is covered by other instruments," or "This sound should be put a little further forward." To understand how we should deal with sounds in the mix - what steps to take and what parameters to adjust to make these sounds work as we imagine - we must first listen to sounds in our lives from a new perspective.

    Imagine a thing moving from afar to you - cheap beats by dre take a car for example. When it is far away, you will hear a murky, low-frequency boom. The closer it is to you, the louder the sound, the clearer the sound of the engine, and the higher frequencies that become more pronounced. After the high and low frequencies are mixed together, the difference between the direct sound and early reflection emitted by the car will be more distinct, and you can hear the sound reflected from all the surfaces around you. When the car passes by you, the volume is larger. You can hear all the sounds it makesthe tires crush the asphalt, the sound of more parts moving in the engine, and the radio sound coming from the windows.

    With your own analysis to listen to the sounds of life, and to understand their acoustical principles, you can reproduce these effects in your own mix. Wear headphones when you walk, so you will become a better music producer. The following is the practice drill.

    Scene interpretation

    When the object approaches us, the overall sound will be louder and louder this is very simple, just increase the volume.

    When an object is far away, we cannot hear the high-frequency sound it produces. So with a high-cut or beats earbuds overhead filter, you can simulate the frequency change with distance.

    Some subtle sounds can't be heard from a distance, and they'll be clear when they are near - this effect can be made with gain-fit compression, or multiple stages of compression. When mixing, do you often use the compressor to squash the waveform to show the details of the snare sound?

    The reverberation effect produced when an object utters sound at a distance and in the vicinity is also very different. Narrowing the time difference between the early reflections and the reverb tail produces a sense of distance; increasing the pre-delay will appear closer to us because the early reflections and direct sounds arrive separately.

    Music production is closely related to real life. Let's take the beats earbuds example of a very important riser in electronic music as an example: Adding an overhead filter to a white noise and raising it slowly will make the sound closer and closer to us. So the next time you do a riser, try drawing the envelope with reference to the acoustics in real life so that you can create sound effects that are picked up from the speakers.

    2018-03-13 10:27:28
  • Also quiet space for these noise-reduction earplugs suitable for taking the phone

    Commuting by commute, dry in the car is too boring, so many people choose to use mobile phones to listen to songs to watch video, send these fragments of time. However, we have to face the problem that the environmental noise inside the train, the roar of the subway across the tunnel, the low frequency sound of the car engine, and the sound of people's conversation all surround you, making you unable to hear beats headphones on sale the headphones. sound. Under such circumstances, it is easy for people to increase the volume habitually and cover the environmental noise with a large volume, which is very easy to hurt the hearing. If you listen to the car in the quiet volume of the night to listen again, beats by dre studio you will find that volume can be large enough to surprise you. Long-term listening to the ear certainly can not stand it. The beats earbuds solution to this problem is to wear a pair of active noise-canceling headphones. The working principle of the noise-canceling headphone is to neutralize the noise by generating a sound wave beats by dr dre that is in opposition to the external noise through a noise reduction system, so as to achieve the effect of noise reduction.

    Wear comfortable, comes with large, medium and small three shark fin silicone earplugs, does not produce allergies and other issues, noise reduction is easy to perform well. A key shield outside noise, flexible use. Rechargeable design, charging two hours to get 16 hours battery life. Remote control design, omni-directional microphone, no matter from that perspective, you can get satisfactory results. The ambient sound instant enhancement technology can select different levels of noise reduction for different use scenarios: if you want to sleep quietly on a noisy airplane, or you can isolate the noisy surroundings in a cafe, you can choose the level of noise reduction you need. When wearing headphones, if you need to talk to people, just open the ambient sound instantly enhancements, without removing the headset, you can clearly hear the voice of the outside world.

    2018-03-08 10:20:19
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