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  • Ordinary people can not understand the world of beats by dre Bluetooth headsets

    Today's smart phones are very popular, deep into all aspects of people, and as a cell phone accessories are not outdone, charger, headphones, charging treasure, etc. have been on the line, and some people can have nothing, but you can not do without headphones, visible Headphones for some people is still crucial! Headphones are also divided into two types, one is a linear headset, the other is a Bluetooth headset, linear headphones may be exposed to bad for a period of time, etc., while the Bluetooth headset beats by dre cheap is a relatively short standby time, to be charged often, today Share the new skills and development direction of Bluetooth headset with everyone.

    Although people often wear Bluetooth headphones, but it can detect the user is sick I feel too unreliable, people feel sick the cheap beats body will bring a series of reactions, rather than through it to detect I know I'm sick , And the need to seek medical treatment will call the emergency center phone, no one will be sick with a Bluetooth headset, this can only beats headphones on sale play a counter-effect, but also aggravate the condition. Nowadays many products do not have to add smart features, some products once added to this feature may also seem neither fish nor fowl, and now the business may think that the product into the smart features people will love, in fact, should stand on the consumer Think of the point of view, light nice but not practical things are destined to be abandoned! The most professional smart home appliance industry news reports, the latest science and technology exclusive media, never follow others.

    2018-02-10 10:32:02
  • Good sound quality speaker, take beats by dre you to enjoy high-quality sound

    Fashion cool design, bring you a new visual enjoyment. Horn using modern bionic design concept, science and technology full of Hawkeye appearance, sharp and God, the speaker with a spectrum of lights, can change with the frequency of music, bring you a cool music enjoyment. Pure wooden box, with black leather design, give you a scholarly incense and gorgeous double audition experience. The dual-sounding mid-to-high and beats by dre studio mid-tweeter front speakers feature a stereo with three speaker units that give you 360-degree stereo sound and immersive sound experience. With dual alarm clock technology, both audio and alarm clock, let it awake sleeping you, add more convenience for your life. Built-in Bluetooth function, compatible with most of the electronic products on the market, more convenient to use. Stylish and compact design, to bring you great portability, with intimate handle design, so you can always carry out, whether it is family gatherings or seaside camping, it can help you to fully enjoy the music band Come to the fun. With black, red and white three colors to choose from, so you can choose according to their own preferences, with their own music style. Increased output power, can bring you real performance, bring you immersive listening experience. Built-in semitone tuner, but also eliminates the hassle of carrying another tuner, to bring you simple and easy music to enjoy. With only six AA batteries, you can bring you up to 25 hours of music playback time, bring you more long-term music companionship, wherever you go there are music.

    Suitcase style, with white, rich retro wind blowing in the hands of more distinctive. He weighs only 3 kg, with guitar strap style handle, you can easily take it to any place you want to go. Retro high bass adjustment knob allows you to freely adjust your favorite sound style. Show your unique personality. Speaker with double 3.5mm audio cable, with the market, the mobile computer audio connection. It has two built-in tweeter and a four-inch woofer, bass part of the performance is amazing, built-in lithium-ion battery life of up to 20 hours, allowing you to break the shackles of the cable, more fun and freedom, enjoy every corner. So you can experience the shocking sound at any time, so rock does not stop. Stylish and simple appearance and streamlined design style brings you a more comfortable feel. More in line with the taste of minimalist needs, fresh and natural, the box with aluminum structure, lightweight and durable, easy to carry, you can bring to whatever you want to go, but also be able to integrate into beats earbuds a variety of decoration style Space, easily with all kinds of furniture, highlighting the noble temperament.

    2018-02-08 10:16:57
  • Headset maintenance have to know

    Although the current headphones work in the spirit of excellence, but it can not resist the routine careless friends, whether it is the headset wire, plug, or folding and important unit parts require careful maintenance of friends, so as to Let your friends use the headset longer life expectancy, so that friends can listen to more wonderful music. The volume of the headset must be controlled, which can be said that the user most likely to make mistakes headphones, because many users like to open the volume of the headset to the maximum, so while listening to more enjoyable, but the greatest harm to the ear, Will also cause some damage to the diaphragm, in severe cases it will burn the voice coil, resulting in inevitable losses. Away from the strong magnetic field and humid environment, which is the most basic knowledge when using the headset, the strong magnetic field will cause some sensitivity to the sensitivity of the headset, causing irreparable damage to the sound quality of the headset. The humid environment will make headphone unit pad rust, ear headphones will be a serious bias, so this point friends have to pay attention. Headphone wire friends must pay attention to protection, like sweating after the usual headphones to wipe the sweat off the line, otherwise it will cause some corrosion of the wire headset, and when using the headphones as far as possible away from the fireworks, whether it is Burned out of the wire or the ear shell beats by dre this loss is absolutely irreparable. In winter, the protection of wire and earphone is more important because the temperature in winter is lower. This lower temperature will make the wire of the earphone more vulnerable. If it is not noticeable, it will appear outside. After using the headset into the warm room, this change in temperature is more likely to cause the headphone cable and cell aging. Sleeping time with the headset really hurt, because friends fell asleep when unconsciously stand up or move, this time if you wear headphones, the wire will cause some winding or crush the ear shell, etc., this time It does not matter if the headphones are broken, and if you hurt yourself you do not have to pay for it, so even if friends are used to listening to soothing music when they fall asleep, be sure to take the headset down before going to sleep.

    In fact, plug the plug can be said that our daily lives among the most easily overlooked, because many people do not know the headset plug actually still has a lot of knowledge in it, the plug not cheap beats by dr dre only play the headset connected Role, but also the surface of the plug plated with a layer of metal, many expensive headphones will choose gold to their own plugs to play a very good role in reducing the impedance. Friends ignore the plug in your daily life may cause damage to the plug quickly, just as plugging the plug beats headphones on sale may wear the surface of the plug, this may cause irreparable damage to the sound quality of the headset. Therefore, friends should try their best to reduce the number of plug plug, to better protect the plug beats by dr dre on the coating. Friends in the daily use of headphones do not know if you have encountered unilateral headset ear problems, it is likely because friends get the plug by pulling the wire by hand caused by the soldering loose of. In fact, the headphone wire connected with the plug part although there is a layer of rubber to be fixed, but inside it is still very fragile, friends plug the plug must pay attention when holding the plug and then plug to avoid this Happening. Plug should try to avoid the contact is too humid or in the case of larger temperature difference, the above tips are introduced, this situation will accelerate the oxidation of the plug, plug plug if you talk about the rapid plug, it may cause the plug Poor contact, so that the life of the plug greatly reduced.

    Headphone maintenance knowledge of the wire articles With the winter approaching, the headset wire is also more vulnerable, and now many headphones are still using the traditional wire rod material, this preheat easy to melt the cold becomes very Fragile material for the maintenance of the wire rod headset also need our attention, let us look at the maintenance of the headset wire in the end we should pay attention to what it! Headphone wire parts must be far away from sweat and other corrosive effect on the wire things, although the weather has gradually turned cold, but after exercise there will still be sweat, etc., this time we must note that if there is sweat on the wire to be timely Wipe, do not give them the chance to hurt our fragile wire! In winter, if the headphone cable leak in a cold environment for a long time, it will make the headset wire becomes very fragile, if at this time as usual, friends will be the same as the headphones wire these laps housed easily cause Wire damage, this is my friend is more attention. When storing the wire easily overlooked issues should also be noted that the time of admission, friends must not use the tough way to fold the headset wire, it will cause the headphone wire skin cracking, etc., or cause some of the internal wire of the headset The damage that caused the headphones did not ring. After that we take a look at the most important part of the headset, which is the unit part of the maintenance and precautions should be used when using the headset. One of the most important parts of the headphone unit is its diaphragm, which can also be described as the weakest part of the headset in addition to wire, the maintenance of this part is one of the most easily overlooked places friends.

    2018-02-06 10:32:24
  • Record the correct sound method for audio applications

    Most people use most of the equipment is only three pieces: microphones, sound cards, headphones, a few people will buy independent words, then these kind of good or bad is you can control, as long as your economic conditions allow to buy the highest possible quality equipment Will directly affect the quality of your recorded voice.

    That part of the recording, the microphone, then put and sound card which is more important? I personally think the importance of sorting is: microphone> talk> sound card, because the microphone is recorded directly to your voice device, the microphone directly affects the quality of recorded voice came in, and play only the role of the microphone The output signal strength and dynamic range to enlarge, although the different models put the sound is not the same, but the difference is actually not so big, and do not expect to buy a good word to put your broken microphone sound better, This is unrealistic. As the saying goes, feces come out is also feces, do you think your microphone sound boring, so buy beats headphones on sale the world's most Niubi words put, and now you record the sound will be brightened it? No, it will only get more boring, so if you have a limited budget, put the main focus on the microphones. I believe most of us now use USB sound cards, As long as your microphone is good enough, even if the sound card comes with the recorded voice will not be bad. Another point to mention is the directivity of the microphone, the microphone may be a lot of people do not pay attention to attention, in fact, this is a good solution to environmental noise, beats earbuds of course, provided that your environmental noise is sent in one direction , Such as the window, this time you can make the back of your microphone toward beats by dre sale the source of noise, and now the vast majority of entry-level microphones are heart-shaped point, so for the microphone on the back of the microphone is very difficult to receive, So you can record low-noise dry sound without any cost, the other is the issue of capacitance or moving circle, many people say that if your environment is not good, it is best to use dynamic microphone, this is not without reason, But I think most people are recording in a small room like your own bedroom or dormitory, which usually does not produce significant reflections. You can do a simple test and clap your hands in a loud voice If you can hear the obvious buzz (this phenomenal name is chatter echo), then you'd better be honest with the moving coil if you can hear Hum, but not obvious, you can still use the capacitor, after all, the sound quality of the capacitor is better Then followed by the headset part, in fact, if the headset is used for recording, the first thing to be sure is that no leakage, wear comfortable, I do not recommend listening with earplugs, earplugs sound is usually very inaccurate, you may not record some of the problems with earplugs, it is still recommended to buy headphones monitor headphones, the other such as the frequency response of what, as long as not beats by dre on sale too far off On the line, to meet this requirement a lot of headphones, and the price is cheap.

    Everyone has their own recording habits, some people used to sit recorded, some people used to stand, I do not ask you have to stand, say what breath will be smooth, if you are not accustomed to standing still have to stand If you do, it is likely that the process of recording will be very difficult, and there is no guarantee that you will record in the most comfortable state, so standing or sitting can be done according to your habits.

    But there is a problem must be strict requirements, that is, the distance between the mouth and the microphone, less than 10 cm will cause the effect of speaking about the microphone led to low-frequency response increases, recorded voice will be very boring, and too close to bring another problem That is, as long as you move the head slightly before and after the sound changes will be very obvious, this latter part is very difficult to repair,

    2018-02-03 10:31:14
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