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  • How to effectively solve the problem of microphone whistle and noise

    In the construction of a microphone system, we often encounter noise and howling problems. Here we specifically explain the practical solutions to these two problems 1, the noise problem; mainly in the absence of speakers in the case of audible noise , noise or current sound. 2, howling problem; mainly in the microphone gain can not be raised or raised the volume is not high, will produce acoustic feedback and produce howling. First eliminate external factors; cause current noise or noise problems, external factors are nothing but three, external audio equipment, excessive noise in the field, and system power supply problems. Let us eliminate one by one, first remove the external sound source, turn off all the microphones that are turned on at the scene, cut off the pick-up of the ambient noise, and then check whether the power source on the road has shared the same power supply with other large-scale power systems. Because if you share a power supply with other large-scale power systems, its use will greatly affect the current changes, and thus generate a current sound. beats by dre studio Gradually eliminate various issues of the internal system; in this step, I have organized my own common methods: the minimum system method; in our system, it is usually a combination of the pre-equipment, peripherals, and later stages. We first remove the peripheral equipment, for example: the mixer is connected to the amplifier, the amplifier is connected to the speakers to see if there is any noise. If so, we have also put down the mixer, and if so, it is the amplifier noise floor. , belong to the quality problem, can only change, because after all we are not repair equipment, huh, huh. If not, it is the mixer's settings are incorrect or quality problems, see if the gain is too large. If there is no problem cheap beats by dre with the minimum system, then it is certainly a pile of problems that have been abandoned. At this time, we must add peripheral devices one by one, and then check in detail whether it is equipment setting or quality issues. For example, if the noise reducer is adjusted properly, if the equalizer gain is too large, etc.......

    Replacement method; In many projects, there may be more than one system, the same equipment may have two or more, we put the equipment out of the inspection to think that something is wrong for another room to debug the equipment is no problem, the same settings, If the problem is solved, it is a problem with the equipment. If the problem still exists, there are still other problems in the system. You haven't found it yet. We need to re-examine it carefully. Instrument measurement method; through multimeters, level meters and other measuring instruments, measuring speaker impedance, step-by-step device output levels are normal. Solve the howling problem; this problem arises because the sound of beats headphones on sale the speaker is transmitted to the microphone to form a loop, and after many times of amplification, cheap beats by dre the howling occurs. A better way is to physically block the path between the two. For example, if we use a microphone, we should use directivity rather than non-directivity (omnidirectional). In the process of use, the microphone should not be used as much as possible. Is facing the speaker. However, because there are multiple microphones, the placement of the speakers is fixed and cannot be changed. Then we can only use peripheral equipment to complete this function. For example, feedback suppressors, using smartlive to find howling points, on the equalizer, The corresponding frequency point is attenuated.

    2018-04-24 10:29:04
  • What does headphone impedance mean?

    The impedance of a headphone beats by dre sale is the abbreviation of its AC impedance. Impedance refers to the resistance, inductance, and capacitance of the circuit. The impedance to the AC is called impedance, and the unit is ohms . In general, the smaller the impedance, the easier it is for the headphones to sound and the easier it is to drive.

    The impedance of the earphone varies with the frequency of the audio signal it reproduces. Generally, the impedance of the earphone is the highest at the low frequency, so the attenuation of the low frequency is greater than that of the high frequency; for most headphones, increasing the output impedance will make the sound Darker and more mixed (at this time the power amplifier's control of the headphone drive unit will also be weak), but some headphones need to listen to high impedance. If the headphone sound is harsh and harsh, consider increasing the effective output impedance of the headphone jack; if the headphone sound is dull and cloudy and is driven by a power amplifier, consider reducing the effective output resistance.

    Headphones with different impedances are mainly used in different situations. In desktop or amplifiers, VCDs, DVDs, and TVs, high-impedance headphones are commonly used, and some professional headphone impedances are even higher than 200 ohms. This is for professional purposes. The headphone jack on the machine is matched. If you use a low-impedance headset at this time, be sure to turn the volume down and then plug in the headset. Then turn the volume up a little to prevent the headset from being overloaded. The headset will burn out or the voice coil will be distorted and misplaced. .

    The size of the impedance

    Impedance does not refer to the size of the resistance of the headphones themselves. After the impedance matching, the power of the headset can be increased. The smaller the self-resistance, the easier it is to drive the headphones; the greater the self-resistance, the harder it is to drive. The general Walkman headphones impedance is Generally, the earphone impedance is the highest at low frequencies, and the low frequency attenuation is greater than the high beats by dre sale frequency. For most headsets, increasing the output impedance will make the sound darker and more mixed (while the power amplifier's control of the headphone drive unit will also be weaker), but some headphones need to be better at high impedance. Too much impedance The earphone sounds a bit mixed, and for a variety of portable walkers, such as CD, MD, or MP3, low-impedance headphones (usually less than 50 ohms) are generally used because these low-impedance headphones are easier Drive, while paying attention to the high sensitivity, on the walkman, MP3, MP4, CD, the beats headphones on sale sensitivity index is more important. Of course, within a certain limit, a high-impedance headphone sounds better when combined with a large-output sound source.

    The impedance of headphones is closely related to the sound quality of the headphones. The impedance varies with frequency. The impedance cheap beats by dr dre of the headphones is smaller at low frequencies and larger at high frequencies, so for most headphones, increasing the impedance will make the sound Become more dim.

    2018-04-18 10:30:44
  • What's the difference between moving coils, moving irons, and ring iron plugs? Actually teach you how to buy

    Dynamic headphones are still one of the most common types of headphones. Other common ones are: moving iron headphones and hybrid iron iron headphones. Today, we will introduce how to operate the three kinds of headsets, including moving iron, moving coil, and iron ring, and select two of them for auditioning and commenting on the three types of headphones. The moving circle and moving iron unit make us one of the topics that fans often talk about, but we often listen to people saying that this unit is nice to listen to that unit. It's better to first understand the structural differences between moving coils and moving iron headphones. They use the principle of sounding. The dynamic earphone is the most common and the most common earphone. Its driving unit is a small dynamic speaker. The magnetic coil in the permanent magnetic field generates a magnetic field driven by the signal current and drives the connected magnetic The diaphragm vibrates under the influence of a magnetic field and emits sound. The moving iron earphone appears after the dynamic earphone, and the moving iron beats by dre on sale is driven by a permanent magnet and a set of coils, and driven by the signal current, the driving connecting rod is conducted to a center point of a miniature magnetic diaphragm, thereby generating vibration. And sound. Dynamic iron headphones are widely used because of their high sound quality and small size. According to the summation data, the items with high scores in dynamic iron headphones include: resolution, high frequency extension, and sound separation degree; the items with high dynamic earphone scores are: low frequency elasticity, beats earphones intermediate frequency, sound field, and image quality. Sound texture; circle iron headphones high score items: sound density.

    After adding the individual scores of the same kind of unit earphones, it can be seen that the moving iron unit earphone is higher in resolution, high frequency extension, and sound separation than beats headphones on sale others; the dynamic circle unit earphone is in low frequency elasticity, intermediate frequency, sound field and image quality, sound The texture is higher than the others; the ring iron headphones are higher in sound density than others, but other items are basically balance between the two pure property unit headphones. Regardless of moving iron unit headphones, dynamic circle unit headphones or circle iron hybrid unit beats by dre studio headphones, they work on their own principles, but the details of sound reproduction are still different, but the main difference is the manufacturing cost, followed by the type of unit, the earphone wire Wait.

    2018-04-16 10:35:44
  • Listen to the sound, use the headphones, do you choose the right headphones?

    Headphones are a very important tool in our lives. If you are a fitness enthusiast and have a sports headset, you can enjoy the world of music. If you travel a lot, the noise in the cabin will be annoying. A noise-cancelling headset will immediately calm your world; If you are a music fanatic and wear great music headphones, you are enjoying hearing feast every day! It sounds cool, but the premise is that you have to choose the right headset. 1. Reduce stethoscope effect

    Stethoscope effect: When the headphone rubs and bumps during running, noise is transmitted along the earphone cable to the ear canal and affects the experience. Most sports Bluetooth headsets use rear-mounted or back-to-back data cables to reduce headphone wobble to stabilize the line, which largely resolves the stethoscope effect at the source.

    2. Firmness is important

    When the movement is violently shaken, the earphones can easily fall off if they are not firmly worn. Most manufacturers will make "fin" shaped stabilizer wings in the auricle part. When wearing, they can hook the auricle part from the inside, and daily running can basically guarantee that it will not fall off. In addition, the rear-mounted wear can also ensure the stability of the headphones.

    3 must be waterproof and sweat

    Sweating in sports is unavoidable. Ordinary earphones are not only easily damaged by sweat but also can accumulate sweat and bacteria. The headphones with water and sweat resistance are different. First of all, it is not easily damaged. In addition, after the exercise is completed, it can also be washed directly with clean water to reduce the growth of bacteria and maintain the health of users.

    4. Keep it light and comfortable

    Each person's ear is somewhat different in shape, which requires the headset to be designed with a focus on the degree of comfort it wears and how long it will take to hurt the ear. Therefore, sports headphones are generally lightweight as much as possible, while wearing ergonomic design.

    1. Active noise reduction

    Description: The current mainstream noise reduction headphones, generally do not specifically refer to, noise reduction headphones are all active noise canceling headphones.

    Take the initiative and collect noises around the user through multiple microphones, and calculate through the built-in computing chip of the fuselage, so as to calculate a set of 锟斤拷anti-sine waves锟斤拷 that are superimposed on the sound phase of the 锟斤拷sine wave锟斤拷 of the cheap beats headphones noise. To achieve the purpose of noise reduction.

    Tips: If you are a flying trapeze and spend more time on the plane than on the ground, then an excellent active noise canceling headset will be a good choice for you. After all, active noise reduction headphones are much better than passive noise reduction headphones in noise reduction performance and functionality.

    2. Passive noise reduction

    Description: Mainly refers to the earphone product that blocks the ear canal by physical means and prevents or blocks noise from entering the ear canal for noise reduction purposes.

    Usually passive noise reduction headphones are in-ear earbuds, some use ordinary rubber sleeves, and others use memory expansion sponge, through a combination of different materials, generally can achieve more than a dozen to tens of db noise reduction effect. Some custom in-ear earbuds can even achieve 35db sound insulation parameters, noise reduction effect is good.

    Tips: If you are not very demanding on noise reduction, but the user simply cuts off ambient noise in the office to improve work efficiency, then a passive noise canceling headphone can fully meet your requirements.

    1. Game audio positioning

    In the game, the most important role played by the earphone may be to determine the enemy's position, distance, and movement, which is very high on the headset, otherwise it is easy to detect or detect the wrong message. A good gaming headset can have a good judgment of the sound's position.

    2. Anti-noise effect

    Everyone knows that in the field of some competitive games, there will be a lot of noise coming from the player's headset to other teammates, which will seriously affect beats headphones cheap the quality of the call. This requires that the gaming headsets brought with it can provide very good noise immunity, so as to have a clear insight into all the sound information in the game.

    3. Wearing comfort

    The average game player will have a long game headset, so the model beats headphones on sale should not be too heavy, do not have a sense of chuck, earmuffs material is also very important. The material of the earmuffs is best made of leather, which has good air permeability and is relatively soft. It does not have any sense of oppression when worn for a long time. The general high-end gaming headphones use this material.

    4. HIFI is not equal to the game

    HIFI headsets tend to restore real scenes, and strive to present all the sound details perfectly to the user; while the game headset will suppress the sound of some frequencies, and then strengthen the sound of a certain frequency band alone, allowing users to directly hear the competition for the game. The most helpful little detail sound.

    2018-04-11 10:27:00
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