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  • Practical Live Performance Pickup Tips

    We are constantly pursuing excellent sound effects in live performances. This requires mastery of basic industry knowledge and requires certain achievements in science and art. The placement of the microphone in the live performance is an important part of it. If it is not set, the latter part cannot be compensated. To achieve the ideal microphone pickup tail, it takes a long time to accumulate experience in practical work to support. This article will provide you with some common-sense guidance that can help inexperienced friends or friends who are constantly changing the venue to help you save a lot of time when you need it. One of the bigger challenges in live performances is how to gain as much gain as possible without overloading. There are two advantages to doing so. First, in the era of loud war, large gains will allow you to quickly gain loudness advantage. , make beats headphones on sale your live performance more High! Improve live performances. The second is to be able to cover the local noise of the local environment to some extent. So boosting gain is one of the simplest and most efficient methods, but you must be careful not to overload! Because the gain is increased, the adjustment of the balance and compression in the live performance is totally different from the recording studio. Since environmental sounds obscure most of the sound details, moving the parameter settings in the scene into the studio sounds bad, then you can achieve the above loud volume requirements while reducing the chance of whistling and getting rich Order harmonics polish, bring great convenience for the placement of the microphone. At the same time, the missing sound details can be compensated to a large extent by means of incentives to make the sound more texture in live performances. Whatever type of microphone you prefer, a heart-shaped microphone is a must. This directivity can discard a large part of the off-axis, that is, non-primary sound picking range, effectively blocking the interference from the stage monitor or the sound box. The reason why novice players use supercardioid and supercardioid microphones is not recommended because these two kinds of directivity will absorb the sound directly behind them, which may cause trouble for the performance.

    Another important point is the distance between the microphone and the sound source. In most cases, the closer the microphone is to the sound source, the better. This will increase the proportion of the main signal source. The larger the ratio, the greater the gain you can make on the mixing console, and the less the chance of incorrect feedback. There is also a principle of following the big slip, like recording in a recording studio, we need to find the "sweet spot" of the musical instrument. All instruments have one or two preferred pickup positions. Pickups in this position can express the most beautiful side of the instrument. To find "desserts", beats earphones we need to move the microphones up and down and back and forth. This time we need perseverance and perseverance. Find a helper to help you adjust the placement and direct yourself in front of the console. If you are familiar with some instruments, it takes only a short time to place the microphone. The vocal pickup is very simple, you just need to find the microphone and put it in the right place. Because the vocal microphones are often held in the singers' hands and they are not well adjusted, the importance of communication is much greater than the placement. If the singers do not understand the equipment well, explain to him/her in advance. One of the most annoying problems we encounter during the debugging process is that the singers will slacken audition, usually because they have not warmed up or want to save some effort. In any case, you have to persuade them to use full audition, otherwise the performance is overwhelmed by all beats by dre the participants. Another uncontrollable factor is that you cannot control the distance between the singer's mouth and the hand when picking up vocals. When the mouth is too far from the microphone or is not facing the microphone, the ratio of direct sound and background noise is reduced, and acoustic feedback becomes inevitable. On the contrary, a close distance will bring near-speaking effect. When the singer eats a microphone, a large amount of low-frequency enhancement is produced. They may sound great to themselves, but the overall mix will get worse. At this point, the mixer may have to do a lot of lowcuts.

    2018-05-22 10:30:18
  • Headset purchase tutorial

    The role of noise canceling headphones becomes more and more obvious. The noisy outdoor environment and frequent business trips make us suffer from noise. Closed earphones and in-ear earbuds may no longer meet our soundproofing requirements. At this time, noise reduction headphones do not necessarily cheap beats by dr dre have to listen to music, and may simply restore a quiet environment.

    Noise Cancelling Headphones for Business People

    What we want to talk about here is an active noise canceling headphone that many business people intend to choose. The working principle is to collect noise from the microphone set on the headphone, calculate the anti-sinusoidal wave on the internal chip, and offset the noise with the noise to achieve noise beats by dre cheap reduction. effect. Most active noise canceling headphones can eliminate more than 80% of the ambient noise, providing us with a quieter rest environment. However, since the entire noise reduction process is a computational process, the sound quality of headphones is definitely affected. It is specially created for "flying people", if you need a very quiet environment, noise reduction headphones are very suitable. If you need noise reduction and sound quality beats by dr dre seen, high-end cheap beats by dre in-ear HiFi earbuds may be more appropriate.

    Gaming headsets are born with the rapid development of gaming in recent years, and many professional peripheral manufacturers have also invested a lot of effort in this area. High-sensitivity pickup microphones, virtual 7.1 channels even through the built-in The real 5.1 channels of the various units appear in the gaming headset.

    Some people may ask whether the game headset is suitable for listening to music. From the perspective of mainstream game headsets currently available on the market, there are not many game headsets that can both listen to music and play games. Compared with traditional headphones, the game headphone undergoes special sound tuning at the expense of hearing, resulting in high-precision positioning and excellent business details. However, as a result, listening to music is like a savory water and lack of taste. Therefore, the game headset is more suitable for game players, if you usually do not play much game, you need to take into account all aspects, an ordinary headset is already sufficient.

    2018-05-19 10:19:31
  • Wireless stealth headset purchase instructions

    1, pay attention to the product performance indicators

    When you buy headphones, headphone beats by dre wireless packaging or instructions on the performance indicators should pay attention to, because the poor quality of the headset is often produced by some small factories, and some of its performance indicators are scrambled, some exaggerated. Headsets generally have a minimum frequency range of 20 to 20 kHz, greater than 100 mW of power, and less than or equal to 0.5% of harmonic distortion. If you do not meet the above requirements, you better not buy. If the performance of the product is too high, please do not buy it.

    2, the quality of product workmanship

    The more authentic earphones produced by big manufacturers usually use engineering plastics, so the appearance is very smooth, and there is a certain degree of stress and toughness; it has no hard feeling, the workmanship is relatively fine, the hand feels very good, and there is no rough using inferior plastics. sense. In addition, the diameter of the lead wire of the earphone is relatively thick, which can ensure stable transmission, the touch of the wire is soft and hard; the plug is very clean and neat, and no burr is left, and the plating is even and smooth. If you do not meet the above conditions, do not buy the best.

    3, the level of power consumption, the size of the noise

    The level of power consumption, the size of the noise, and the direct impact on the headset are the effect and lifetime, as well as the durability of the battery. Also pay attention to distinguish between the old and new headphones, to avoid some people to sell the old stuff as new goods.

    4, sensitivity

    In the case of the same loudness, the input power required by the sound source, beats by dr dre that is to say, the user is listening to the beats by dre wireless same sound, the higher the sensitivity of the earphone, the smaller the input power required by the sound source. For portable devices such as Walkman, the higher the sensitivity, the easier it is to drive the headset. Frequency Response Range: Refers to the width of the frequency band that can be put out by the earphone. In the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC581-10 standard, the frequency response range of the high fidelity earphone can not be less than 50Hz to 12500Hz, and the excellent earphone's frequency response width can reach 5Hz-40000Hz. However, the hearing range of the human ear is only around 20Hz-20000Hz. It is worth noting that the criteria for limiting the frequency response width are different, for example, the standard is less than 1/2 of the average output amplitude or less than 1/4, which is obviously different. The average manufacturer measures the frequency response width based on the reduction of the output amplitude by 1/2. That is to say, the -3dB is used as the standard. Because the adopted test standards are different, some products are measured with -10dB as the standard. . In fact, it is cheap beats by dre equivalent to the standard measured below 1/16 of the normal value, so the frequency response width is greatly widened. When shopping, users should pay attention to the frequency response width of different brands of headphones may have different test standards.

    2018-05-17 10:34:14
  • HIFI Headset Selection Guide Tips

    If you start from HIFI, please briefly introduce the classification of HIFI headphones:

    According to the driver structure classification, headphones are generally divided into moving coil, magnetic, electrostatic and electret.

    A. The moving coil earphone is the most common and most common earphone. Its driving unit is basically a small moving coil speaker. The vibration coil connected to it is driven by a voice coil in a permanent magnetic field. Dynamic headsets are relatively efficient, and cheap beats headphones most of them can be driven by stereo headphone output, and are reliable and durable.

    B. The driver of the isomagnetic headphone is similar to the reduced flat speaker. It embeds the flat voice coil in a thin and light diaphragm, which, like a printed circuit board, can evenly distribute the driving force. The magnets are concentrated on one or both sides of the diaphragm, and the diaphragm vibrates in the magnetic field it forms. Magnet headphone diaphragms are not as light as the electrostatic headphone diaphragms, but they have the same large vibration area and similar sound quality. Due to the large mass of the diaphragm and the structure of the magnetic circuit, the efficiency of the headphone diaphragm is lower than that of the dynamic headphone. .

    C. Electrostatic headphones have a light and thin diaphragm, polarized by a high DC voltage, and the power required for polarization is converted by AC power, and battery-powered. The diaphragm is suspended in an electrostatic field formed by two fixed metal plates (stators). When the audio signal is applied to the stator, the electrostatic field changes and the diaphragm is driven to vibrate. The beats by dre sale single stator can also drive the diaphragm, but the double stator has less distortion in the push-pull form. Electrostatic headphones must use special amplifiers to convert audio signals to hundreds of volts. By connecting a transformer to the output of a power amplifier, electrostatic headphones can also be driven. This solution was used in static headphones in the 60s and 70s of the last century. Widely used, it is a compromise to the costly cost of an electrostatic headphone amplifier, and the signal quality does not reach the level of a specially designed electrostatic headphone amplifier.

    Electrostatic headphones have a sophisticated structure and require high materials, and they are mostly manually assembled and debugged. beats by dre studio Therefore, they are expensive. Electrostatic headphones due to the limited distance between the stator and the diaphragm, the diaphragm's travel is limited, the sound pressure level can reach is not large dynamic headphones, but it's fast response, can reproduce all kinds of tiny details, distortion Extremely low.

    D. The electret headset is also called fixed electrostatic earphone. Its diaphragm itself is polarized or polarized by the electrostatic field emitted by the polarized material outside the diaphragm. No special equipment is required to provide the polarization voltage. The electret headset has most of the characteristics of the electrostatic beats headphones on sale headset, but the electret will gradually depolarize, the volume becomes smaller, the performance is reduced, the diaphragm needs to be replaced, and its life is generally about 5 to 10 years.

    Due to technological development and the limitations of production process and market demand, the most common earphone products on the market today are dynamic earphones and electrostatic earphones.

    2018-05-15 10:18:55
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